Translation: Li Wenliang’s “Admonishment Notice”

Li Wenliang was one of eight people punished by Wuhan authorities in early January for spreading rumors about the emerging coronavirus outbreak that has now been declared a “global health emergency.” Initially publicized by local officials as a deterrent, his punishment fueled public anger over the initial response to the disease when it was later revealed the eight were medical personnel. News of Li’s death from the virus triggered a huge public response, and was followed by reports that he was still undergoing treatment–further enraging the public and establishing the whistleblower as “the face of the coronavirus crisis.” His death has now been confirmed, and authorities have issued a censorship directive (translated by CDT) to control the narrative.

Pictures of the official notice of admonition served to Li on January 3 have been circulating online, and are translated below:

Wuhan Municipal Public Security Bureau, Wuchang Branch, Zhongnan Road Police Station 

Admonition Notice 

Subject of admonition: Li Wenliang 

Gender: Male

Date of birth: October 12, 1986

Identity card number: XXXX

Current address (location of household registration): Wuhan City

Work unit: Wuhan Central Hospital

Illegal behavior (time, location, participants, number of people, what problems were reflected, consequences, etc.): Publishing fictitious discourse related to the confirmation of 7 SARS cases at the Huanan fruits and seafood market in the WeChat group “Wuhan University clinical `04” on December 30, 2019.

In accordance with the law, we now warn and admonish you for the unlawful matter of publishing untrue discourse on the internet. Your behavior has severely disrupted social order. Your behavior has exceeded the scope permitted by law, and has violated the relevant provisions of the Law of the People’s Republic of China on Penalties for Administration of Public Security — it is an illegal act!

The public security bureau hopes that you will actively cooperate with our work, follow the advice of the police, and stop the illegal behavior. Can you do this?

Answer: Yes

We hope that you can calm down and earnestly reflect, and solemnly warn you: If you are stubborn, refuse to repent, and continue to carry out illegal activities, you will be punished by the law! Do you understand? 

Answer: Understood 

Subject of admonition: Li Wenliang 

Persons carrying out the admonition: Hu Guifang, Xu Jinhang

January 3, 2020

Work unit: Wuhan Municipal Public Security Bureau, Wuchang Branch, Zhongnan Road Police Station

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